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Flat Space

This series explores the “in-between.”  The “in-between” as an idea illustrates the relationship of seemingly unrelated objects, meanings, or processes, and the new produced when these are juxtaposed at different scales.  The work is a “rational-expressionism;” a synthesis of rational thinking (concept) and action (body, feelings).  It is the relationship of well-defined, distinct forms and remnants of being (diary of the daily life).


The “in-between” as process is the unprescribed layering of random images, planes, or lines not necessarily related to one another.  This overlapping in combination with the literal definition of the “in-between” generates a perception of three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional plane.  This new perceived dimension is generated without the use of the more conventional perspective or rendering of light and shadow.  Historically, this is similar to cubism.  While cubism focused on collapsing three-dimensional objects and three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional plane, my intention is the inverse - the extrusion of space through the straddling of the “in-between.”

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